I just want somewhere to keep my phone

Pockets in all of my dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts. Is that so much to ask?

Pockets in all of my dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts. Is that so much to ask?

I have my phone on me constantly. As much as I would like to say I’m not reliant on it, I am. And so, I need somewhere to keep it. Like, say, a pocket. If it’s not my phone, then I need somewhere to keep my keys, particularly when I’m at work. Other things I like to keep handy include, but are not limited to, lipstick, tissues and spare change.

And yet, so many of my clothes are pocketless. It’s gotten to the point where I favour my pocketed clothing 99% of the time, leaving the less-practical items to gather dust. Regardless of what I plan to keep in them, pockets are just damn useful and I’d rather have them than not.

So, just buy clothes with pockets…?

Not so easy, my friend. This issue is twofold: the scarcity of pockets and the ability to actually find them.

Lack of pockets

There’s a giant rabbit hole I could fall down right now to explain the general lack of pockets, which I will leave to another day. The short of it is that pockets don’t seem to figure in fashion nearly as much as they should. Indeed, it is a rare thing to find pockets in dresses, or pockets in skirts. Similarly, we rarely see pockets in playsuits and jumpsuits, though they are more common in trousers and shorts. Don’t get me started on faux pockets.

Poor pocket searchability

Pre-coronavirus lockdown, more and more of my clothes spending was taking place online, and, of course, in the last few months 100% of it has been. It has become eminently clear to me that pockets are a needle in a haystack. Put simply, online retailers don’t seem to have made them a consideration.

When we shop online we are reliant on sellers to give us all the information we need to make a purchase. In its most basic form, this will be in the form of images and a description. More considerate websites will give us further details, like washing instructions, lengths and materials. So far, so familiar. Yet, pockets are not something we regularly see mentioned. If we are lucky they will be in the description. We might see a model with her hand in her pocket. I’ve yet to see a major UK retailer allow categories to be filtered by whether items have pockets, nor do search results often seem to yield many results with “pocket” (or variations thereof) in the product title.

We want pockets

I know I’m not in a minority to want pockets in my clothes. There’s a reason “thanks, it’s got pockets” has infiltrated popular culture. It’s so exciting to discover pockets you weren’t expecting in your new clothes! I just wish it didn’t seem like such a novelty.

Oh, and a pocket that’s actually large enough to keep my phone in would be just great. Credit: Unsplash

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