We celebrate and advocate pockets in womenswear.

We want pockets in EVERYTHING*,
and we want them now.

*Within reason, we’re not obsessed. Honest.

Woman with hands in pockets

“Thanks. It’s got pockets.”

Pockets. Surely a whole website dedicated to this simple sartorial staple is a step too far? We say, No. Pockets are neglected, a mere afterthought in fashion, with designers and retailers overlooking their significance and practicality. In fact, dig deeper and they represent misogyny and the oppression of women. Yes, pockets are a feminist issue.

Pockets Please has been created to highlight the severe lack of pockets in fashion. It may be that designers aren’t considering them or fashion buyers aren’t buying them, either way online retailers aren’t making it easy to find them even when they do exist.

As opposed to shopping in person, when we visit clothing websites we rely on images, descriptions and filters to narrow down our shopping selections. Unfortunately, pockets rarely seem to figure in these elements. We aim to change that.

We will fight for pockets in dresses, pockets in skirts and pockets in shorts; you will have a dress with pockets, and you will get to say those immortal words, “Thanks, it’s got pockets.”.

Furthermore, not only will there be pockets, but there will be pockets large enough to carry your belongings. We don’t want piddly flaps of cotton you can hardly squeeze your fingers into – we want pockets that are big enough for our phones!

Join the pocket revolution!

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    Pockets in all of my dresses, skirts, trousers and shorts. Is that so much to ask?